Manchester United vs PSG

Manchester United vs PSG: In December last year, when both played in 16 UEFA Champions League games, Paris Saint-Germain will have the opportunity to defeat the lifeless team of Manchester United.

When the French champion team participated in the UEFA Champions League dream theater, our Twitter thinks that the fickle midfielder of Manchester United may be his sign.
The battle between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday has the classic character of the UEFA Champions League.

When the draw took place in December, the French champion was a hot and popular player.

However, Manchester United regained its energy under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskyer and was confident in its progress.

Thomas Tuchel did not even have time to study the opponents of his team, but before Mourinho received his campaign order, the legend of the club Ole Gunnar Solskyer was appointed interim manager.

Manchester United was reborn in Norway, winning 10 games in 11 games under his rule. Bright football often lights up Old Trafford under the guidance of Mourinho.

PSG timing is not very good. Not only did they encounter the most versatile team in Europe, they entered the battle without the key characters of Edinson Cavani and Neymar – no one could be injured.

However, Kylian Mbappa, Julian Draxler and Manchester United’s one-time record, who signed Angel Di Maria, will break out of the Solskjaer bubble.

Standards will take into account where the Old Trafford game will win and lose on Tuesday.

United again enters the neck from closing
In addition to their late heroes in Turin, watching Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League group stage this season is not an easy task. In any case, this is definitely not the kind of game that needs to be in a hurry to get home from work: the Mourinho team failed to score a goal in the first half of all six group matches.

I do not think that we can better enter this game or become better. Therefore, we look forward to it. Hopefully, we will have a good start, which will be important.

We are ready without [Neymar and Cavani], but I think the crowd would be glad to see those players and players, you would prefer to fight against the best players. [Bailey and Lindelof] did well together, and they should be leaders in the game against Mbappa. We need clinical. It is important for us to be able to go to Paris.

But with the release of the Solskjaer shackles, everything changed. In its 11 games, Manchester United scored 9 times before a 30-minute match, including the last two games against Leicester and Fulham.

No early slippage
Solskyer is still trying to make up for Manchester United’s shortcomings, but at least more cohesive than its predecessor.

With the temporary head coach, “Manchester United” did not lose a goal within half an hour after the opening – lost 12 in the game Mourinho.

PSG is the most dangerous before the break
Remember that PSG is very good at this task. Even without Cavani and Neymar, Manchester United was no more dangerous than the champions of France, who scored 94 goals in all competitions this season.

17 of them entered the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, and they were especially deadly for 15 minutes before the semi-finals.

Mbapp will lead the PSG attack on Tuesday. (UEFA, Getty Images)
Only in the homeland of Naples, they were not able to score during the game, hitting a clean home defender, on the road against Liverpool, the Red Star of Belgrade and the St. Paul Stadium.

In fact, PSG scored 10 goals more in the group stage than the UN team – these four past Liverpool teams have the best defensive record in the Premier League this season.

Neymar is invalid
PSG will lose to Brazilian International by the legs in the last 16 games without Neymar.

Neymar – 230119.jpg
Neymar missed his legs. (AFP / Getty Images)
The former “Barcelona” has only two goals, second only to the overall stage of “Manchester United”, and his name is only five, including the winners of “Liverpool” in the French capital.

Late goal on the map?
Manchester United does not want to save too many game characteristics of Mourinho, but they have the embarrassment of the late account of Portugal in Europe.

Four of the seven goals that they scored in group H entered the last 15 minutes – two of them showed good results against Juventus in November.

Please note that Solskyer is well aware of late European goals.

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